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When I was in my early 20's, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Against all odds, and in spite of my medical condition, I've enjoyed a wonderful career as a touring singer-songwriter for three decades. But it has definitely been a challenge navigating my health and the drugs I take to keep my condition under control.


I have never taken a passive approach to managing my seizures. Through trial and error, and after countless hours of studying and consultations with different doctors and nutritionists, I have learned not only what treatments work best for me and which ones don’t, but that the way my body reacts to certain drugs can change over time. Sometimes it’s not even a matter of a particular anti-epileptic medication not stopping seizures effectively; worse, it’s when the side effects of whatever prescription I’m taking ultimately prove to be more destructive to the quality of my life (and even potentially more dangerous) than the condition of epilepsy itself. 

That’s when I know it’s time to stop, go back to studying, and course correct — always to the end of trying to live the healthiest and best life I can. Just because I have epilepsy doesn’t mean I’m about to ever let it have me. 


So now, here I am, about to try something bold and brand new — not just because I know it’s time for a change, but because I’ve once again done my homework. I have spent many months (years, really) extensively and diligently researching the benefits of medicinal cannabis. And, based on what I’ve read and seen regarding its effectiveness in managing seizure conditions like mine, I feel rock solid with my decision to begin taking it in tincture form, as prescribed by my neurologist and custom prepared by the state-approved dispensary, Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation. 


This will be uncharted territory for me for sure, but I believe in what the folks at Texas Original are doing. I look forward to working with them and plan to tour their facility soon. And, because I’ve long hoped that sharing my experiences about living with epilepsy might help others facing similar challenges, I also plan on keeping anyone interested in my medical journey updated via this page. 


Best Wishes, 


Compassionate Cultivation is the only Texas owned and operated company licensed under the Compassionate Use Program to manufacture and dispense medical cannabis for qualifying patients. In the beginning, this only allowed for Texans suffering from intractable/refractory epilepsy with a prescription from a neurologist to have access to this medication.  In 2019, Texas expanded the program to include: all epilepsy and seizure disorder, autism, ALS, MS, spasticity, terminal cancer, and incurable neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, peripheral neuropathy, ect.,) and allows for any registered specialist to prescribe.   



Based just outside of Austin, Compassionate Cultivation is committed to producing the purest, highest quality, and consistent medicine that is truly changing lives. This is not consumer hemp-based CBD which is readily available throughout the state. Hemp-based CBD is only allowed to have up to 0.3% THC legally while their medication can have up to 0.5% THC by weight (the maximum amount allowed in Texas).  Additionally, since they are regulated, every batch is tested for purity, consistency, and quality which also differentiates them from the consumer products available over the counter.


Their patients are seeing miraculous results and, not only is their quality of life improving, but many of them are also able to reduce or completely stop taking their other harsher addictive medications with terrible side effects. These following success stories are only a few examples of the positive feedback the folks at Compassionate Cultivation receive every day about the results people achieve from taking their medicine.


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