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Get Your Goat On USB Flash Drives

Sell 150 flash drives = $7500 




Homegrown, locally sourced, 100% organic folk music! It's all folk. We ain't never heard a goat sing. 



Includes all of these albums

Special Packaging (pictured) 

Album playlist is eco-friendly seed paper! Plant it and get flowers! 


USB Flash Drive Albums:

Two Dollar Shoes

Wilory Farm 

Live at Cibolo

Places in Between 

The Ring

Art of Removing Wallpaper 

Celebrate the Difference 

Spiritual Kind 

Christmas on Wilory Farm EP

Left Over Alls

Cry Till You Laugh 

Love You Strong P5.1

Slaughterhouse Sessions P5.2


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Cry Till You Laugh — The Part That Ain't Art

Sell 50 books = $600.00

Cry Till you Laugh Paperback Book

Get it personalized, autographed, signed, and dated! 


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" ... Get an autographed copy of Terri Hendrix's terrific new book "Cry Till You Laugh- The Part That Ain't Art," which is equal parts spiritual and practical... it's honest, funny, useful, revelatory and moving. Well worth the wait."

— M.C., Austin American Statesman 


"No, this is not Terri Hendrix’ latest album, but a book about her climb through the music scene and how she got to where she is today. It’s full of memoirs and snippets of her life from her first guitar (stolen from her sister) until present day. Hendrix gives us a window into how she started writing songs (her system clearly isn’t for everybody) and who she is when no one is watching. The book is also chock-full of her songs from the entire catalog, which when read, seems a bit like a book of poetry, but even for the more die-hard anti-poetic types, it works on a strange level. Cry Till You Laugh is funny, sad and many times profound. There are a lot of pictures covering her tours and so many laugh-out-loud moments, but what really grabbed me was the raw truth in her writing. She does not sugar coat her life to make it sound as though she is an angel fallen to earth, but lets us into her ‘real Terri’ with some of the substandard living conditions she has endured, some of the uglier sides of touring and performing as well as her inspirations for many of her songs. Anyone who is already a Hendrix fan should add it to their library without a second thought and if you enjoy reading comedy, poetry or just wants something to fill a quiet Sunday on the couch, Cry Till You Laugh is a great read."

— Amy Addams, Oklahoma Current 

Wilory Farm Limited Edition T-Shirts

Sell 200 shirts = $4000 

Embroidered Flannel Shirts

Love You Strong T-shirt

This is a women's shirt and fits true to size. If you prefer a little more room, I would buy one size up from your regular shirt size. 


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GoatNotes are special order framed lyrics handmade by Terri Hendrix. You request which Terri Hendrix lyrics (see link) you'd like handwritten and framed.


GoatNotes are special order framed lyrics handmade by Terri Hendrix. You request which lyrics (see link) you'd like handwritten and framed. She creates the piece, she signs it, she frames it, and we ship it straight to you. It's a one of a kind collectible.  No two GoatNotes are alike and each one is custom made per customer.


Addition shipping costs required per order. Negotiated per order. Pieces take up to two weeks to complete. 


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Art Goatar $750 (make 6 guitars) $4500

Mando $500 (make 1 mandolin) $500

Art Goatar

Goatars are special order art guitars made by Terri Hendrix. She takes guitars that can't be salvaged and turns them into one of a kind collectibles.  No two guitars are alike and each guitar is custom made per customer with their favorite quotes, colors, and tokens. 


Addition shipping costs required per order. Negotiated per order. Guitars take up to 6 weeks to complete. 


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