Wilory Records Consultation Services

These are services provided by Terri Hendrix and our Internship Department. Please email our office for rates and for further information.


For information on Teri Hendrix, please see her bio. 


Wilory Records is not affiliated with the OYOU (Own Your Own Universe Nonprofit).


Assistance, Education, and Strategy: 

Recording Ideas 

Production Ideas 

Booking Shows 




PRO/Performing Rights Organizations 

ISRC Codes

Sound Exchange 

Social Media 

YouTube Channel 


Branding (Photos, Bio)

Song promotion on a budget 

How to Promote a Show 

Creating a Set List 

Helpful Apps & Tools 

Radio Contacts 

Press Contacts 

Email List Assistance 

Your Music on Blogs 

Your Music on Playlists 

Licensing and Sync

Your Music on Streaming Channels 


Two hour minute meeting on Zoom

In Person

Two hour meeting in person @ Wilory Farm in Martindale, Texas