"Love You Strong" Project 5.1

"Slaughterhouse Sessions" Project 5.2

Project 5 

Project 5 is a collection of five distinct but thematically linked projects — four new albums and a book — that I'll be releasing throughout 2016. My first album in this series, "Love You Strong" came out February 5th.


Project 5.2 Album: “Slaughterhouse Sessions”

The second album in Project 5 will be a harmonica-driven acoustic blues and gospel record with both original songs and covers. We recorded some of these tracks at a former slaughterhouse in El Prado, New Mexico. Though it might have macabre roots, it has since been converted into an eclectic guesthouse for family, friends, and artists. With its overall vibe and groove, it’s a sonic departure from “Love you Strong.” However, the two albums bookend each other with their subject matter, with the songs on this album venturing more into the exploration of faith.


Please join me on this "marathon" by ordering or pre-ordering my entire project. It's because of support from people like you that this project is possible at all. I'm grateful and appreciate you!

Your friend,

Terri Hendrix