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All proceeds from this concert directly support the creation of and sustainability of Wilory Farm Center for the Creative Arts! Your contributions will help me with all things related to land maintenance (12 acres of wildlife and green space), construction of the arts center, purchasing essential office supplies and equipment, hiring workshop leaders, paying taxes and service fees and all manner of other overhead here at Wilory Farm! 


Wilory Farm is the home base for all things OYOU

Own Your Own Universe (OYOU) is a 501 C3 non-profit organization based out of San Marcos and Martindale, Texas.  It is our mission to make the arts accessible to everyone, and particularly to empower and transform lives by connecting the mind, body, and spirit through music and the creative arts. 


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Project 5

5 thematically linked albums. The final chapter of Project 5 is all set for release Summer 2021.