To date, Terri Hendrix has released 11 studio albums, 1 retrospective album, a Christmas EP, 2 live albums with her band, 2 bootleg albums of her live shows with Lloyd Maines, and 1 book. 

Two Dollar Shoes 1996

Wilory Farm 1998

Live at Cibolo 1999

Places in Between 2000

Live in San Marcos 2001

The Ring 2002

Art of Removing Wallpaper 2004

Art of Removing Wallpaper 2012

Friendswood and Beyond 2004

Celebrate the Difference 2005

Spiritual Kind on the Road 2007

The Spiritual Kind 2007

Christmas on Wilory Farm 2008

Left Over Alls 2008

Cry Till You Laugh 2010

Cry Till You Laugh Part Aint Art (Book)

Love You Strong 2016

The Slaughterhouse Sessions 2016

The Slaughterhouse Sessions 
Released 2016
Wilory Records

Produced by Lloyd Maines



Love You Strong 
Released 2016
Wilory Records

Produced by Lloyd Maines



Cry Till You Laugh
Released 2010
Wilory Records

Produced by Lloyd Maines


Cry Till You Laugh

The Part That Ain't Art


Released 2010

Revised and Released 2012


Written by Terri Hendrix



Left Over Alls (Retrospective)
Released 2008 
Wilory Records

Produced by Lloyd Maines


Christmas on Wilory Farm EP
Released 2008
Wilory Records

Produced by Lloyd Maines


The Spiritual Kind 
Released 2007
Wilory Records

Produced by Lloyd Maines


The Spiritual Kind on the Road 

Released 2007
Wilory Records

Produced by Lloyd Maines & Terri Hendrix


Celebrate the Difference
Kids Album

Released 2005 
Wilory Records

Produced by Lloyd Maines (Kids Record)


Friendswood and Beyond

Released 2004
Wilory Records

Produced by Lloyd Maines & Terri Hendrix


Art of Removing Wallpaper 
Released 2004/2012 
Wilory Records

Produced by Lloyd Maines & Terri Hendrix


The Ring 
Released 2002 
Wilory Records

Produced by Lloyd Maines & Terri Hendrix


Live in San Marcos
Released 2001
Wilory Records

Produced by Lloyd Maines & Terri Hendrix


Places in Between 
Released 2000
Wilory Records

Produced by Lloyd Maines


Released 1999
Wilory Records

Produced by Lloyd Maines


Wilory Farm 
Released 1998
Wilory Records

Produced by Lloyd Maines


Two Dollar Shoes 
Released 1996
Tycoon Cowgirl Records

Produced/Engineered by Mark Rubenstein. Remixed and re-mastered by Lloyd Maines and re-released on Wilory Records


Songs Covered by Other Artists

"Sometimes" — Him & Her On Solid Ground — BFreed Records (2013)

“Hand Me Down Blues” — Rustic Beauty — Tom Gillam (2011)

“I Found the Lions” — Whirlwind — Blacktop Gypsy (Winding Road, 2011)

“Lil’ Jack Slade” — The Essential Dixie Chicks — Dixie Chicks (Open Wide/Columbia/Legacy, 2010)

“Acre of Land” — Acre of Land — Tracy Miller (2009)

“I Found the Lions” and “Throw My Love” — Miss Understood —Carolyn Wonderland (Bismeaux, 2008)

“Lil’ Jack Slade” — Top of the World Tour Live (CD & DVD) — The Dixie Chicks (Open Wide/Monument/Columbia, 2003)

“Lil’ Jack Slade” — An Evening with the Dixie Chicks: Live from the Kodak Theatre (DVD) — The Dixie Chicks (Open Wide/ Monument/Columbia, 2003)

“Lil’ Jack Slade” — Home — The Dixie Chicks (Open Wide/ Monument/Columbia, 2002)

“Hole in My Pocket” — Runaway Soul — Ruthie Foster (Blue Corn Music, 2002)



Terri Hendrix is mentioned and or featured in the following books. Please show your support by purchasing these books online. You'll learn a whole lot about the music, poets, and authors of the Lone Star State.  


Highway Prayer — A Tribute to Adam Carroll 

Contribution: “Red Bandana Blues” 

A Very Blue Rock Christmas 

Benefit CD for Blue Rock Performing Arts Center 

Contribution: “Do you Hear What I Hear” 

Absolutely Positively Getting Along

Benefit CD for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Buck County (Cool Beans 2013)

Contribution: “First Place” 

This One’s for Him: A Tribute to Guy Clark (Music Road/Icehouse Music, 2011)

Contribution: “The Dark” (Guy Clark cover)

Tucson Folk Festival/KXCI Compilation (2011)

Contribution: “Monopoly”

Sing to Me (A Lullaby Compilation) (2011)

Contribution: "Eagles"

Lone Star Sampler Volume Five (Lone Star Music, 2010)

Contribution: “Hand Me Down Blues”

Freight Train Boogie 2: A Collection of Americana Music (Jackalope, 2009)

Contribution: “Posey Road Stomp”

Voices of a Grateful Nation, Vol. 2: Texas Country & Americana (Welcome Home Project, 2008)

Contribution: “Motherless Children”

Putumayo Presents: Americana (Putumayo World Music, 2007)

Contribution: “Prayer for My Friends” (Also features Ruthie Foster’s cover of “Hole in My Pocket”)

Putumayo Kids Presents: Animal Playground (Putumayo World Music, 2007)

Contribution: “Eagles"

Sin City Social Club Volume 9 (2007)

Contribution: “Jim Thorpe’s Blues”

Kids Corner WXPN 20th Anniversary

Contribution: “Nerves”

Recording Artists for Hope: The Katrina CD, Vol. 1 (Wonderboy, 2005)

Contribution: “My Own Place”

Ten in Texas (Icehouse Music, 2005)

Contribution: “Cowboy” (Betty Elders cover)

Big Sweet Life: The Songs of Jon Dee Graham (CD/DVD) (Freedom, 2005)

Contribution: “Something Moves” on DVD

95.9 The Ranch Texas Music Series '04 — KFWR - Fort Worth (2004)

Contribution: “Walk on Me”

Texas Unplugged Vol.1 (Palo Duro, 2004)

Contribution: “Clicker”

KUT-FM Live Set — KUT-Austin (2004)

Contribution: “Old Joe Clark”

Broadcasts Vol. 12 — KGSR-Austin (2004)

Contribution: “One Way”

Don't Mess With Texas Vol.2 (Texas Music Project, 2004)

Contribution: “It's About Time”

Parkinsong Volume One: 38 Songs Of Hope (2004) 
Contribution: “Goodbye Charlie Brown”

Damn It’s 2 Early: More Music From the Dudley & Bob Show — KLBJ Austin (2003)

Contribution: “Wallet”

Performing Songwriter: Editor's Choice Top 12 Independent Releases, Volume Ten (2003)

Contribution: “I Found the Lions”

Latin Playground (Putumayo World Music, 2002)

Contribution: “Lluvia De Estrellas”

Open Doors: A Musical Project of Faith, Love, and Hope to Benefit Parkinson’s Research (2002)

Contribution: “Eagles”

LJT's Texas Music Festival #13 Live (Larry Joe Taylor, 2002)

Contribution: “Wallet”

Texas Music Magazine: Inside the Music of Texas — Vol. 1 (2002)

Contribution: “It’s a Given”

Lone Star Sampler Volume One (Lone Star Music, 2001)

Contribution: “Walk On Me”

Kerrville Folk Festival: 30th Anniversary Video, Volume 1 (2001)

Contribution: “Invisible Girl”

Moments of Grace — A.R.T.S. for People (2001)

Contribution: “Moon on the Water”

Mixed Grill: A Collection of Austin Music, Volume 1 (Texas Music Roundup, 2001)

Contribution: “Flowers”

Kerrville Folk Festival CD: KFF2000 V1 (2000)

Contribution: “Goodtime Van”

Celebrating Rounder’s 30th Anniversary (CRS, 2000)

Contribution: “The Know How”

LJT's Texas Music Festival #12 Live — Larry Joe Taylor (2000)

Contribution: “The Know How”

Travelin' Texas, Volume 1 (Institute for the History of Texas Music, Southwest Texas State University, 2000)

Contribution: “My Own Place”

Live @ The World Cafe, Volume 11 — WXPN-Philadelphia (2000)

Contribution: “Places in Between”

Blue Highways: The Ultimate Americana Music Fest (CRS, 2000)

Contribution: “Gravity”

Broadcasts, Vol. 8 — KGSR-Austin (2000)

Contribution: “Goodtime Van”

Broadcasts, Vol. 7 — KGSR-Austin (1999)

Contribution: “Gravity”

Live @ The World Cafe, Volume 9 — WXPN-Philadelphia (1998)

Contribution: “Gravity”

Landmarks (CRS/Rounder Europe, 1998)

Contribution: “The Know How”

SXSW Artists' CD — South by Southwest Conference, Austin, TX (1998)

Contribution: “Sister Song”

KUT-FM Live Set — KUT-Austin (1998)

Contribution: “Sister Song”


Contributions on Other Projects

On*Ward — Leslie Krafka (2014)

Pedigree — Brooke Graham (2013)

Still Fighting the War — Slaid Cleaves (2013)

Cyberspace Cattle Call — Quanah Parker (2013)

Adler & Hearne — (2013)

Rooster’s Crow — Martin Zellar & The Hardways (2012)

There Goes the Neighborhood — Kevin Deal (Peidrero, 2012)

Writers, Poets and Singers — Patty Gayle (Little Honey Records 2012)

The White Cat Sessions — Leslie Krafka (2011)

Run In Your Dreams — Spencer Williams (2010)

Acre of Land — Tracy Miller (2009)

7 — Kevin Deal (Blind Nello, 2009)

Simpler Times A-Wastin’ — D.C. Bloom (2009)

Brother to the Wind — Craig Bickhardt (Stone Barn, 2009)

With Roots & Wings — Angel Band (Appleseed, 2008)

Two Thousand Miles — Owen Temple (Thirty Tigers, 2008)

Raise Your Voice — Rex Warren and Walking Rain (Avocado, 2007)

Roll — Kevin Deal (Peidrero, 2007)

Far Away Blues — Adam Carroll (Blue Corn Music, 2005)

Simple Lives — Brian Houser (Yippee Records, 2004)

Big Kid — Sara Hickman (Sleeveless, 2003)

The Lawless — Kevin Deal (Blind Nello, 2003)

Three Days — Pat Green (Universal, 2003)

Uvalde — Luke Olson (Luke Olson, 2003)

That's Who I Am — Mark Murphey (Abigail Records, 2003)

The Band Plays On — The Bleu Edmondson Band (Bleu Edmondson, 2002)

Bird On The Wing — Lynn Adler (Spring Hollow, 2002)

Son of a Common Man — Brian Houser (Crystal Clear Sound, 2001)

Three Days — Pat Green (Universal, 2001)

At Home With Al Barlow — Al Barlow (Al Barlow, 2001)

Coming Home — Kyle Hutton (River Bend, 2001)

Kiss on the Breeze — Kevin Deal (Blind Nello, 2001)

Southland — The Bleu Edmondson Band (Bleu Edmondson, 2001)

Green and Blue — Michael O'Connor (Barekunckle, 2000)

Seven Decades — Hank Thompson (Hightone, 2000)

Pearl Snaps — Jason Boland & the Stragglers (Broken, 2000)

Gluttons for Punishment — T-Roy Miller (Tri-M Music, 2000)

Carry On — Pat Green (Greenhorse, 2000)

Chili Pepper Sunset — Mark David Manders (Blind Nello, 2000)

Heart of the Matter — Larry Joe Taylor (Crystal Clear Sound, 2000)

Me on the Juke Box — Tommy Alverson (Crystal Clear Sound, 2000)

South of Town — Adam Carroll (Down Hole, 1999)

Crusades of the Restless Nights — Ray Wylie Hubbard (Rounder, 1999)

Honky Tonks-n-Churches — Kevin Deal (Blind Nello, 1999)

General Store — Owen Temple (Crystal Clear Sound, 1999)

Passing Through — Owen Temple (Crystal Clear Sound, 1999)

Lovin', Shootin', Cryin', Dyin' — Kevin Deal (Blind Nello, 1998)



Film, TV, Internet

Environmental Division Texas Rivers "Be Willing" (2013)

Creating Cooperative Kids “Walkin’ On the Moon” (Cable Series, 2011, 2012, 2013)

Texas Music Scene “Slow Down” (TV Regional Music Series)

ME Live (Concert taped at Lucy’s Boatyard in Austin for regional music station ME TV, 2006), Songs: “Eagles,” “Wallet,” “It’s a Given,” “Acre of Land,” “I Found the Lions,” “Goodtimes Van,” “Joy or Sorrow,” “Monopoly,” “Dana Blues,” “Hole in My Pocket,” “Places in Between,” “Spinning Off,” “Old Joe Clark,” “Take Me Places”

Jane White is Sick and Twisted (Feature film by David Michael Latt, 2002), Songs: “Throw My Love,” “Clicker,” “Wish”

Walking the Crooked Mile (Documentary by David N. Reyes, 2002), Song: “Get Up”

Live at Mountain Stage (PBS concert series, 2001,) Songs: “Wallet,” “Take Me Places”

The Baby Dance (Original Showtime movie, 1998), Songs: Background vocals on Terry Allen score

Another World (Soap opera), Song: “Flowers”

Commercial for Ozarka/Nestle, Song: “Wallet”

Commercial for UTSA, San Antonio, Texas, Song: “Gravity”