Terri Hendrix

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415 North Guadalupe Street 

PMB 288 

San Marcos, TX 


Office: 512-426-7288




This is not the way to contact Terri. If you'd like to contact Terri directly, please use the form. We will make sure she gets the form. Please note, due to her schedule, it can take a little while to respond. 

Please put "Booking" in the subject of the email


Duo, Trio, and Band Shows W/Lloyd Maines 

Speaking Engagements


Creative Writing Workshops

Music Business Entrepreneurial Workshops

Childrens Programs 

OYOU Community Service and Arts Programs 

If interested in booking Terri Hendrix, please fill out this booking form and email it back to us here:

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Terri Hendrix

Own Your Own Universe 

415 North Guadalupe Street 

PMB 288 

San Marcos, TX 




The OYOU ("Own Your Own Universe") is a 501 C3 non-profit center for the creative arts located in San Marcos, Texas. The OYOU is an all ages fully handicapped-accessible multi-purpose creative arts center that provides a variety of workshops, concerts, programs, lessons, and group discussion to the entire community — regardless of income or mobility issues. The OYOU is also a mobile nonprofit on wheels providing music and other charitable services across Texas and throughout the United States and beyond.

Please visit the dream in progress


Terri Hendrix

Need to reach Terri? Make song requests, ask questions, information needed, you name it! See a Terri Hendrix show on her calendar you want to make but are in need of assistance into the venue due to physical disabilities or limitations? Let us know and we'll try and help you with access needs.


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License Terri’s Music

Terri Hendrix publishes and owns her entire music catalogue.

Email our office for information or top deal directly with us. 

BMG Chrysalis
Terri Hendrix Admin. by BMG
Entire Catalogue Wilory Records/Terri Hendrix
BMI: THM Music


Terri Hendrix Gear

Composit Acoustics 

Takamine 12 String
Trace Elliot Acoustic Amp
Tradition Electric 
Tacoma Papoose
Tacoma Mandolin
Special 20 Harps
Boss Junior Peddle 
Boss Peddles Various

Other Tools
Bill Stokes' Capo
The Intellitouch Capo Tuner
The Intellitouch Tuner
Dean Markley 
D'Addario Phosphor Bronze Acoustic
Shure Beta 58
Shure Beta 57

Sure Beta 87A

Websites & Various 


Hermonicas Website 
1623 Custom Harmonicas
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