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Terri Hendrix is on the Texas Touring Artists as part of Texas Commission on the Arts.  The Texas Touring Arts Program is designed to ensure that all Texans have the ability to enjoy performances by outstanding Texas-based companies and artists in their own communities.

The Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) provides grants to help with the costs of bringing in companies and artists from this roster for performances. All Texas nonprofits, schools, colleges, and units of government are invited to apply. The intent of this program is to advance the creative economy of Texas by investing in arts activities. Arts Respond Performance Support is the companion grant program that allows performing arts presenters in Texas to apply for a portion of the artistic fees for one or more approved companies or artists from the Texas Touring Roster. This is a quarterly program that can provide a grant to help with these costs. These applications must be submitted in advance of the performance and by the appropriate quarterly deadline. 


For more information contact:

Texas Commission on the Arts

PO Box 13406

Austin, TX 78711-3406




Are you in radio, press, and or any other media outlet business? If you are interested in Terri Hendrix's Project 5 Release and are in need of additional material and or information, please contact us!


Own Your Own Universe (OYOU) is a 501 C3 non-profit organization based out of San Marcos and Martindale, Texas.  It is our mission to make the arts accessible to everyone, and particularly to empower and transform lives by connecting the mind, body, and spirit through music and the creative arts. 


License Terri’s Music

Terri Hendrix publishes and owns her entire music catalogue.

Email our office for information. Thanks! 

BMG Chrysalis
Terri Hendrix Admin. by BMG
Entire Catalogue Wilory Records/Terri Hendrix

BMI: THM Music


Terri Hendrix Gear

Composit Acoustics 

Takamine 12 String
Trace Elliot Acoustic Amp
Tradition Electric 
Tacoma Papoose
Tacoma Mandolin
Special 20 Harps
Boss Junior Peddle 
Boss Peddles Various

Neal Peterson Guitars

Other Tools
Bill Stokes' Capo
The Intellitouch Capo Tuner
The Intellitouch Tuner
Dean Markley 
D'Addario Phosphor Bronze Acoustic
Shure Beta 58
Shure Beta 57

Sure Beta 87A

Studio: Shure KSM-27

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1623 Custom Harmonicas
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