Photo by Melinda Harvey 

Terri Hendrix is a Texas based artist. She is available for solo, duo, trio, and full band shows.

She's also available for festivals, concerts, teaching workshops, speaking engagements, and OYOU Community service. 


Would you like to book Terri Hendrix for your special event? 


Phone: 512-426-7288 

Upcoming Terri Hendrix Shows

Upcoming Terri Hendrix Shows

Some dates are OYOU Events and some dates are Terri Hendrix performances. We tried to clarify below. To see dates into the future, click "next" in the calendar below. If you have questions, please email us!  

Upcoming OYOU Events

OYOU events are on this calendar, too. Click here for information on the OYOU 

Terri Hendrix Upcoming Events