Terri Hendrix & The HeartSong Project


Bugle Boy Foundation 

W/And Then a New Day 

" ... My name is Bobbie Novicke and I am the mother of a wonderful young man named Ashton Novicke. 

I am writing to share information with you about how this Songwriters Workshop has impacted our son. 

While he is able to be a little independent he has a high level of difficulty with making and maintaining friendships with other young adults. When Ashton was asked if he wanted to participate in last year’s workshop little did we know how that would change his life. In the time spent with the songwriters and other attendees he gained confidence, friendship and eventually love. He felt seen, appreciated and celebrated. 

He truly enjoyed his time spent with both songwriters and they were both so encouraging and supportive. 

I don’t know how they put on such an amazing performance on show night after just two days with the performers but it was beyond amazing ..." — Bobbie J. Novicke 

Notes ...


Terri Hendrix has devoped a program that suitable for all types of individuals with cognitive impairment. She is able to work with all ages and with both verbal and nonverbal students.



The HeartSong Project is available to groups up to 12 students. Terri is also available for smaller groups or individual sessions.


This ranges from an all day session of approximately 4 - 6 hours with breaks, to a 45 - 60 minute session. Terri adjusts her schedule to the needs of both the student and the facility. 



Chase's Place, Richardson, TX


Bugle Boy Foundation (And Then a New Day, Kenmar Foundation) La Grange, TX


The Scheib Center, San Marcos, TX 


Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research 


Wilory Farm Center for the Arts, Martindale, TX